Healing Road

Assisting with Therapy Costs

We assist the families we work with in helping them get what they need on their healing journey. We help with things like therapist costs, both traditional and non-traditional. We can also offer transportation support to and from therapy visits and, in some cases, even provide a safe space for therapy sessions.

Traditional Therapy

Nontraditional Therapy

There is the obvious type of therapy that an abused child will need, but there is also a plethora of non-traditional types of ‘therapy’ that help heal and empower abused children. Martial arts may help an abused child to re/gain their confidence and help them feel safer and more confident. Horseback riding could help an abused child to re/connect with their emotions through the rhythmic motion of the horse itself as it is said to mimic the natural gait of a human walk. Music lessons can offer an abused child a safe haven to explore feelings, behaviors, and any issues they may be experiencing. We feel that whatever it takes for that abused child to get back to a state of ‘normalcy’, should be considered therapeutic and therefore readily available to that child.

Helping with Transportation to Therapy

Providing a Space for Therapy Sessions